New Year, Smarter Home

Most of us love the beginning of a new year! We reflect on the past and set goals for the future. A new year is filled with potential and excitement. When it comes to setting resolutions, we often focus on improving our personal health and well being. Taking care of your home usually comes as a second thought but it may surprise you to know that the space you occupy has a huge effect on the way you feel about yourself.

2018 is time to update your home into a Smart Home. Imagine the security of knowing your home is being fully taken care of and you are in full control of it all just through your smart phone. Intelligent home devices include cameras, motion sensors, alarms and automation devices. Total home technology is the future. With these devices you are able to control items around the house, from pet feeders, to lighting, to locks and even surveillance cameras.

Some of the most popular devices on the market today are the Echo Dot and Google Home. The Apple HomePod is another device many consumers are anxiously awaiting the release of. Intelligent home devices are able to clean your home as well as assist you with cooking dinner- aka your sous chef! Echo Dot, for example, is able to give you the weather forecast, play your favorite playlist and give you an update of traffic conditions.

Some of these devices are pretty simple to set up while others need the assistance of professionals to install them correctly. Also, the more devices you install the stronger of a wifi connection you will need. We at JHACS are able to assist you with providing and installing these devices as well as installing WiFi boosters.

There are many intelligent home devices on the market and it may seem overwhelming at first to decide which ones are right for you. Just like anything else- there is not one solution or device that will work for everyone. We at JHACS Electric Inc. have a vast array of knowledge regarding these devices and are able to assist you with the process of updating your home into a smart home.

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