Is Your Generator Ready for the Next Hurricane?

Generator Maintenance

If you expect your generator to work when you need it most, it must be maintained. Just as you would maintain your car (e.g., oil changes, tire rotations), you must service your generator to ensure that it will operate during a blackout. If you've not had your Generac generator serviced in over six months, call us to schedule an appointment. Better still, ask us about our service contract so you can be worry free.

Perishable items during a prolonged utility power outage.

You may have purchased a generator that only powers a portion of you home. That extra refrigerator in the garage or basement may not be connected to the generator's backup power, hence any food or medicines stored there will spoil in an extended blackout. If you are unsure what your generator powers, give us a call and schedule an evaluation by one of our trained technicians.

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