Light It Up

Tip 1: Make It Feel Welcoming 

You want to give guests a good first impression when they walk in your front door. You want them to feel invited. People are by nature drawn to light but not necessarily by bright lights. People's attention are attracted to contrast rather than brightness. Generally, you have a decorative fixture mounted in the center of the ceiling, which is not necessarily ideal for creating a warm and inviting feeling to your guests. Instead, invest in adding other types of light such as indirect lighting or accent lighting, to create a more welcoming space.

Tip 2: Go Big 

Most of us tend to install decorative fixtures that are too small for the room. When purchasing a decorative fixture it is difficult to find the right size, especially when ordering online. In order to determine the appropriate fixture size, add the length and width of the room and use this number as the necessary diameter of the fixture. For example, if you have a entrance way that is 20 feet by 24 feet, then your fixture should be 44 inches in diameter. Choose a decorative fixture that hangs close if you have a low ceiling. You don't need a have a small fixture even if it's tight to the ceiling.

Tip 3: Add Accent and Ambient Lighting 

As mentioned above, people's attention are attracted to contrast rather than brightness. Contrast shows where things change and hence it is picked up by our visual system for determining edges and objects of importance. Light layering is crucial for good lighting. You need other types of lighting, such as accent and ambient lighting in addition to decorative lighting. Accent lighting, such as highlighting objects like tabletops, flowers or sculptures, helps create depth and dimension which is especially important for small entryways. You want to set the tone for the rest of the house and these illuminated features pull people in.
Ambient light, which is indirect light, is just as important in the entrance way as it is in any other room in the house. This type of lighting can soften the shadows on people's faces and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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