Standby Generators 101

What is a Standby Generator?
With the storms Long Island has endured this winter, many residents have lost power for days on end. The next time a storm knocks out your power, you may find yourself thinking about purchasing a standby generator. Unlike a portable backup generator that you have to lug out in the event of a power outage, a standby generator is permanently installed and will automatically restore electricity to your home within seconds of losing power. A standby generator is installed outside your house like an AC unit and an automatic transfer switch signals the unit to turn on when the power goes out and turn off when utility power is restored. Even if you're out of town, your security system, appliances etc., continue to run.

Is it worth the investment?
Can you put a price on peace of mind? Some years Long Island faces hurricanes and we are left without power for weeks (e.g. Super-storm Sandy); other years we have no threat of hurricanes, nor'easters or snowstorms. As a savy consumer, you understand the investment value of a standby generator. You and you family will be protected from the Summer's sweltering heat, spoiled food and flooding from an inoperable sump pump. You will be safe from the Winter's freezing temperatures. A standby generator is a great investment that will return its value over time.

What size generator do I need?
Generators come in many different varieties and are sized according to the wattage produced. Electrical usage differs from house to house and an in home consultation with a JHACS Electric associate will provide you with a free estimate to asses what size generator will meet your needs. Once we determine the wattage and size generator you need, JHACS will professionally install your generator.

How does a Standby Generator work?
Standby generators sense when power stops flowing to your home from your local utility power source and automatically transfers power to your standby system which allows your house to have electricity. Your standby generator is fueled by gas, whether it be natural gas or liquid propane. When power from the electrical grid is returned, your home is then automatically transferred back to utility power. The standby generator then returns to standby mode until its next use.
JHACS Electric is a certified Generac dealer. We are able to professionally install and service your generator. Learn more about installing a standby generator at your home or business. Call us today for a FREE estimate!

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