The Power of Proper Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of your home or business, both inside and out. Proper lighting is both functional and aesthetic in nature. Lighting makes any space more liveable, enjoyable, attractive and safe. While there are established guidelines, lighting installations, especially for the home, remain highly individualized, subject to personal tastes as to the quality and quantity of light. At JHACS, we get it; you live or work there. We can guide you.

Kitchen. Family Room. Master Bedroom. Kid's Room. Master Bath. Formal Dining Room. Every room has its function. Many rooms are multifunctional. All rooms need a lighting installation that enables tasks to be performed safely and efficiently, to set a mood to enhance enjoyment, and to accent your treasured possessions. The professionals at JHACS can design and install lighting for one room or several as part of a renovation, or for an entire home.

As night falls and the day winds down, most think of it as the end.... To us at JHACS, it 's the beginning. A professional outdoor lighting design is all you need to create dramatic nighttime effects and provide security for your home and grounds. Outdoor lighting beautifies and protects your property and home or business. Create a dramatic entrance to your property and protect the people and possessions you love with an outdoor lighting installation by JHACS.

Proper lighting needs control. This can be a simple switch, but to maximize its usefulness and to lower operating costs dimmers are advisable, unless the type of lamp is not dimmable (e.g., most compact fluorescent lamps). Systems that are easily retrofitted to existing wiring can provide convenient control of both interior and exterior lighting. All major manufacturers of lighting controls offer a variety of solutions that enable you to fully utilize and enjoy your lighting installation. Our professionals can integrate controls that make your lighting shine!

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